Please note: this schedule may vary depending on both weather and surf conditions.

Sunday, August 12
Airport pickup and shuttle to Punta Conejo Resort

Orientation and Welcome Reception: Featuring Art Brewer, Personal Work & A Brief History of Surf Photography: 6pm – 9pm

Monday, August 13
Introduction to Camera Equipment & Safety

Topics include:

  • Handling and caring for telephoto lenses
  • Tips for shooting action photography such as follow focus and motion capture
  • Overview of lens options from telephoto to extreme wide angle
  • Underwater cameras and accessories, including housings and remote flash
  • Water safety: keeping yourself and your equipment safe
  • Photographer etiquette in and out of the water

Tuesday, August 14
Workshop: Surf Action Techniques I (time and location variable depending on surf conditions)
Students will break into two groups (land & water) and experience shooting professional surfers in action from both land and water. Emphasis will be placed on exploring unique angles of view and lens selection.
*Afternoon critique

Wednesday, August 15
Workshop: Surf Action Techniques II (time and location variable depending on surf conditions)
Same agenda as the previous day with land and water groups swapping places and equipment.
*Afternoon critique

Thursday, August 16
Day Trip
Depending on the surf conditions, we will either take a day trip to explore a remote surf spot or go to a neighboring town destination. Time will be spent reviewing what we’ve learned about camera housings and lenses and apply to different locations. This will also be an excellent opportunity to experience the beautiful landscapes and local color that Mexico has to offer.
*Evening Tutorial (optional): Adobe Lightroom, Image Processing and Keeping it Real!

Friday, August 17
Bon Voyage Dinner and Awards Ceremony
Great food served with images and lots of hooting and hollering.

Saturday, August 18
Resort Check Out