SVA in San Francisco: Exploring Animation, Film, Gaming and Visual Effects

March 3 – 9
1 Undergraduate Studio Credit
Course Number: IPD-3218-A
Tuition: $2,700

FACULTY: Angie Wojak & Hsiang Chin Moe

This one-week program offers students the opportunity to see a range of exciting companies. Past classes have visited Google Tilt Brush, Google Spotlight Stories, Industrial Light & Magic, Oculus Rift, Tippett Studio, Pixar, Sony PlayStation and Steel Wool Studios. Leading animators and film and game design artists, along with talent recruiters, will meet with us to discuss their roles in the creative process and share their professional experiences. These conversations will give students insight into how entertainment companies are harnessing emerging technologies to explore new mediums for their stories.

A highlight of the class will be the exploration of trending virtual reality technology and its potential to enhance the way we experience storytelling and interact with entertainment media. The group will also visit Alcatraz and tour Walt Disney Family Museum.

For further information, contact Angelia Wojak, program director, at or 212.592.2387 and Hsiang Chin Moe at or 212.592.2531.

Testimonials include:

“Having the ability to communicate with industry contacts in San Francisco was indispensable. Asking questions during the presentations required a lot of assertiveness, but I believe doing so puts you on the radar of these companies and gets you closer to putting your foot in the door of the industry. I believe those connections were the most valuable as a take away for me. Connecting with people is imperative in our industry and as future artists, we would do well to start early, given the chance.”
-Grace Cham, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

“As a freshman in advertising, this experience was truly eye opening for me. I was particularly inspired by an important speaker and SVA graduate who mentioned that success is not a destination, but it is a journey and despite the failures that come your way as an artist– as (Pixar’s) Dory would say,’just keep swimming’.”
-Kara Silvestri, BFA Advertising

“Having the privilege to visit important, professional artists in our field was one of the most beneficial experiences I’ve had as an art student. Training and learning a craft gets us so far, but meeting the people we want to be face to face with is so powerful.”
-Ben Cone, Alumnus, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

“San Francisco was an eye-opening treat! It was inspiring to go behind the scenes at major studios. I met tons of new friends and had a blast exploring the city. The air, weather and sunshine were also completely revitalizing!”
-Syr-Ivan  Bennett, MFA Computer Arts