Paris Impressionists: A Walking Tour
/ Faculty

February 29 - March 8
1 General Elective Credit
Course Number: IPD-3706-A

Tuition: $2,900

FACULTY: Laurence Minard-Amalou

Laurence Minard-Amalou was born and raised in Paris, France. Her college studies included two years of professional training to become a national licensed guide (a specialized degree in France), followed by three years at the Louvre Graduate School in Paris*.

As part of her extensive professional experience, Laurence worked in the French Tourist Office in NYC, taught a “Traveling in France” community course in California, as well as guided tours all over France and nearby European countries. After her studies, she, of course, remained interested in art and continued to study and visit sites and exhibitions, thus enriching her knowledge.

After moving to Provence, Laurence specialized in private tours in this particular region, which is very rich in terms of history and art history. Since 2008, she co-teaches the SVA Destinations program, Art History in Provence, which includes major topics like pre-historic caves, Roman art and architecture, Medieval art and architecture, in addition to Van Gogh and Cézanne who both lived in the area.

As an art lover and naturally still in love with her native city, Laurence expanded her repertoire with SVA Destinations and in 2018 inaugurated the Paris Impressionists: A Walking Tour program. She will be happy to lead you in and around Paris, following the footsteps of the Impressionists.

* Over the course of the three-year program classes covered; general art history, from prehistory and ancient civilizations to contemporary art. All these classes were reinforced with visits to the specific museums or departments of the Louvre. More classes on a specific concentration were chosen by the student – Laurence chose to focus on sculpture.