Writing Visual Culture in Cambridge, England

July 14 – 28
3 Humanities and Sciences Credits
Course Number: HWD-2382-A
Tuition: $4,100

Faculty: Kyoko Miyabe

Visual culture is all around us. It greets us in signs, images, media, objects, architecture and technology—it is what we see. It has the power to influence our ideas, values and understanding of the world.  As artists and designers, we have the power to inform and affect the world because we shape visual culture. We bear the responsibility of the impact our work has on viewers.

To understand our own work, we will study the work of others. In this two-week intensive writing course, you will become better observers and interpreters by writing about various visual media, including fine arts, photography, design, advertisement and architecture. As a group, we will examine visual media through social and political viewpoints in order to understand how we read images. Through different writing exercises, you will learn how to communicate in written and oral form to clarify and present ideas coherently, an important asset in navigating any professional field. The knowledge and experience gained through the workshops will provide insight into your own studio practice as well as help enrich your creative identity.

Historic Girton College in Cambridge offers the tranquility for concentrated thinking and writing, while the city’s rich cultural traditions provide a visually stimulating environment. Museum visits and tours will supplement the workshops. These include: Fitzwilliam Museum and a punting tour in Cambridge; Tate Modern, Design Museum, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery and a street art tour in London.

Tuition includes: accommodations at Girton College, daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, welcome and farewell dinners, local transportation, all tours and site visits in Cambridge and London.

For more information, please contact Laurie Johenning at ljohenning@sva.edu or call 212.592.2624.

Testimonial includes:

“We have created a course that will give students a chance to explore England’s rich history and culture through writing about site visits in Cambridge and London. We hope that students will expand their perspectives and discover that writing offers insight into their own work and other artists and designers.”
––Kyoko Miyabe, SVA faculty

“There was no shortage of compelling or thought-provoking art works to see and my overall experience was both enlightening and very fun. 10/10 would do it again.”
––Fer (Fernanda) Lutteroth, SVA student

“My writing skills improved greatly, and I gained a deeper understanding of the culture of Cambridge and London.”
––Hanni Huang, SVA student

“I felt very lucky to be surrounded by students from different majors who all cared for and supported each other. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to strengthen their writing skills, explore the British culture and visit amazing museums.”
––Ren (Lauren) Chu, SVA student