Character Design for Animation Using Graphite

March 3 - 10
Course number: IPD 3106-A
Tuition: $2,600

Faculty: Andrea De Dominicis and one other person to be announced shortly.

There is no better place to gain inspiration, for character design, than spending a week in Rome exploring thousands of years of art, architecture and culture throughout this beautiful ancient city.

Students will study at the IDEA Academy, a top notch school for digital and traditional arts, located right in the heart of Rome. The week will be spent using the city of Rome as inspiration for design. By spending time at Idea Academy, museums and city streets students will observe, draw and learn about character design through the exploration of the city.

The program is divided into two parts – Three days will be dedicated to workshops focused on character design, using graphite, and three days will be spent exploring the wonders of the city by visiting sights such at the Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel as well as the Pantheon and Spanish Steps to name a few. This is a once in a life-time trip that all art students can benefit from.

For more information Faculty Contact: Laura Nitz [email protected]