Private: Action Surf Photography
in Rincon, Puerto Rico
/ Location

March 2 – March 10
2 studio credits
Course number: IPD-3292-A

Faculty: Art Brewer

About Rincon, Puerto Rico

Known as Puerto Rico’s best beach town, Rincon is located on a peninsula with waves from the Atlantic on the north side of the point, and calmer Caribbean seas on the south. It is a corner of paradise, with emerald hills that overlook white-sand beaches and crystal blue waters.

With its gentle trade winds that blow offshore on the northwest coast and hundreds of reefs, points and beaches, it’s surprising to learn that surfing didn’t really begin in Puerto Rico until the late 1950s. Locals Jose Rodriguez, Guille Bermuda and Rafy Viella are credited as the first to surf the north and northwest coasts; the first surf shop was opened in San Juan in 1960 by American surfer Gary Hoyt, and dozens of locals started taking to the waves around the city and on the northwest coast in the early part of the decade. But it was the 1968 World Surfing Championships—won by Fred Hemmings and Margo Godfrey—that really put Puerto Rico on the surfing map. This worldwide exposure, just at a time that surfing was itself really expanding, sent planeload after planeload of (mainly) American surfers to PR’s wave-soaked shoreline, quickly earning it the title of “Hawaii of the Atlantic.”

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